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Keeping the Traditions Alive.

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" I made this for our kids, young girls and young boys to learn Navajo Language."

" D77 nih11 1[ch7n7, ch'ik57 doo ts7[k47, Din4 bizaad, y7hwiidoo['11[ biniy4 7ish[11. )hoo'aah d00 44'deet88h y1'1daat'4h7g77 47 bi[ a[hii' sil1ago kod00 n11sgoo niha' 1[ch7n7 bee naniitin dolee[. "

" Y1'1t44h, W0shd66' Yah Anin11h. "

"Donations is for keeping this site running, Thanks 'Ah4hee"