English Navajo
wash the dishes [eets'aa t1nig77s
I am from Shiprock. Shiprock d66 naash1.
How much does it cost? dikw77 b33h 7[9?
I love you. Ay00'an7ish'n7
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Y1'1t'44h K4shmish d00 baa h0zh=-go Nihee N7n1doohah.
Goodbye H1go0nee'
I don't know. Doo shi[ b44h0zin da.
Thank you. Ah4hee'.
Navajo Language is hard to understand. Din4 bizaad ay0 nant['ah.
I miss grandma . Shim1 s1n7 b7hosa'.
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