Introduction to Navajo Sound

There are basically four vowels in the Navajo alphabet. Vowels can be either long or short in duration. The long vowels indicated by doubling of the letter. A glotta stop is ' then followed by the letter. Vowels with hook underneath them are nasalized. When you say these the sound passes through your nose. When there is a tone on top of the vowel, you raise the pitch. Double tone on top goes double pitch longer. The slash L, you say it with blowing thru it.

a gad juniper
e e'e'aah west
i sis belt
o hosh cactus
aa baah bread
ee t'eesh charcoal
ii ashkii boy
oo dooda no
[ > not a vowel [ikan sweet
1 y1h sky
4 k4 shoe
7 n7 he says
0 t0 water
11 t11 three
44 d44h tea
77 d77 this
00 king00 store
33 n11d33' corn
66 h11d66' where
99 [99 horse
== k== here