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Yá'á'tééh, Tódích'íi'nii Diné nishlí, jiní.

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Kid from the rez who drank water from the pond while sheep ,horses and dogs were in the pond. Went to boarding school, when we talked Navajo they would put soap in our mouth. In Tech school, I got a degree in black and white TV/VCR repair. So if you have a black and white TV that needs repair call me, aye. I enjoy doing this. Even thou its hard to code in 6 different computer language. As you learn they change the language structures and you start over again. I can talk Navajo but never took a class. When coding in the Navajo Language is tough, because when changing the keys and knowing when the real code is starting. I have a normal 8 hour job. Then come home and get in my man cave and code. Sometimes I just sit in front of the computer and read about computer software, trying to make better and faster code. I grew up not having anything, but I had my clans and we were happy. Left the Rez at early age. Since I liked AM radio, I wanted to be a DJ, applied too Denver School of broadcasting, but didn't have the money. I applied for Air Force , I passed the test, but never went thru with it. Since I liked radio , I wanted to know how radio works inside. Applied at Utah Technical College and thats where it all started. Worked part time , and paid for it. Now my body is getting old, but I am still happy. If you want to donate or questions "email me at gilbert at gomyson dot com, jiní"